Who Dropped the Ball?

I’m the one that dropped the ball… at the end of the 2015 college football season, no less. I absolutely love sports and writing about it is my passion. However, my ‘real job’ of being a realtor on the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches started to peak at the end of college football season and if you truly understand the life of a real estate agent, … Continue reading Who Dropped the Ball?

My Rivalry Picks, for What it’s Worth

There are so many good games today, many of which are being played simultaneously – I’ll have to keep up on my game tracker! Of the bigger rivalry battles, these are my picks – impartial and totally based on who I think will rise to the occasion and get the victory… (1) Clemson vs. South Carolina – Tigers Georgia vs. Georgia Tech – Bulldogs (8) … Continue reading My Rivalry Picks, for What it’s Worth

“As Long as We Beat _________”

It’s the end of November which means it’s Rivalry Week, where a team at the bottom can beat a team on top. Records, strength of schedule, star athletes and veteran coaching staffs can be thrown out the window – you never know what will happen when rivalry teams line up on the field. Personally, I have a hard time even saying ‘Rivalry Week’… but apparently … Continue reading “As Long as We Beat _________”


Head Coaches in the Power 5 conferences are constantly dissected, but if you’re at the helm of a dynasty program with yearly expectations of a National Championship, you can go from the PENTHOUSE to the OUTHOUSE in a short period of time! A mere three weeks ago, Coach Les Miles (a.k.a. Mad Hatter) and LSU were #2 in the country according to the College Football … Continue reading PENTHOUSE? OUTHOUSE? You Make the Call

The 90 Mile Drive

People love to hate the Alabama Crimson Tide. Why? They win, and they’ve been doing it for decades. I didn’t realize how far reaching the sentiment spanned nationally, until I moved out of the ‘SEC zone’ when I relocated to Florida. Personally, I have nothing against them, but then again, I have a great respect for successful athletic programs because I’m a true sports fan… … Continue reading The 90 Mile Drive

To HIT or NOT to Hit

THAT is the question. Football injuries, specifically concussions, are headlining sports news – stiffer penalties are being dished out for targeting (helmet-to-helmet contact) and infractions bring consequences of being thrown out of the game. For those receiving the hits, the ‘penalty’ means sitting out a game for medical reasons. In recent years, former NFL players have suffered from depression, early onset dementia and some have … Continue reading To HIT or NOT to Hit

Biggest House, Best Fans, By the Numbers

Why go to the game when you can livestream from your phone, tablet or laptop, or watch it on an array of networks via cable and satellite TV? Easy answer – there’s nothing quite like being in a stadium with thousands (sometimes more than 100,000) of other football fans cheering for their team, donning their school colors, and ultimately experiencing the feeling of victory or … Continue reading Biggest House, Best Fans, By the Numbers

Trick Kick – Super Feat

I’ve always had empathy for kickers. It’s got to be one of the more difficult positions on a football team because a kicker can either save the day or ruin the moment. If they make the field goal to win the game, they’re hoisted on the shoulders of their teammates and paraded off the field like Rudy. If they miss and the team loses, everyone’s … Continue reading Trick Kick – Super Feat

It was 1986

Remember the sports headlines from that year? If not, let me refresh your memory and enlighten those that have no recollection of it whatsoever because they weren’t even born yet. The year was 1986. The NCAA college football national champ was Penn State, the Mets won the world series, Boston Celtics were the NBA champs, and Becker and Navratilova took Wimbledon by storm. Ronald Reagan … Continue reading It was 1986

Care for a Cupcake?

Who doesn’t like cupcakes?! Actually, I don’t, but I’m not referring to a melt-in-your-mouth cake topped and decorated with at least 3″ of pure sugar, baked in a paper cup. The ‘cupcake’ I’m referring to is what college football defines as a very weak opponent; one that typically yields an easy victory. Most often these cupcakes travel to the dominant team’s home field and take … Continue reading Care for a Cupcake?