Head Coaches in the Power 5 conferences are constantly dissected, but if you’re at the helm of a dynasty program with yearly expectations of a National Championship, you can go from the PENTHOUSE to the OUTHOUSE in a short period of time! A mere three weeks ago, Coach Les Miles (a.k.a. Mad Hatter) and LSU were #2 in the country according to the College Football Playoff Committee and their offensive stud, Leonard Fournette, was a front runner for the Heisman Trophy.

Coach Les Miles and Leonard Fournette
Coach Les Miles and Leonard Fournette

Now, they’ve lost three straight games; something that hasn’t happened to the Bayou Bengals since 1999.  Subsequently, fans want Miles to be fired and boosters are offering to buy out his contract just to dismiss him from their program. The first week of November he was a hero and now ‘Geaux Tigers’ Nation is calling for the Hatter’s head on a platter. Irony.

But, who loses out on this move? Les certainly doesn’t lose out – he walks away with all the money that was promised to him in the beginning and he will likely be snatched up by another program willing to pay him that, if not more, money.

So, who really ‘pays’ for this revolving door? The student athletes. It’s the players that have to begin again to build relationships with new staff, likely learn a new game strategy and they sometimes experience an emotion equivalent to betrayal. After all, it was the Head Coach that sat down in their living room or at their kitchen table and told their family he would take care of their son.

Things change and that’s just life, but in the world of the heavy weight football programs, it’s about winning and if a school is accustomed to doing just that and they don’t measure up to the standards of the fans and boosters, the Head Coach is booted out and the cycle starts all over again with the next guy willing to take on the challenge (and the hardship of a fat paycheck).


*Referee photo credit: Desiree Gardner Photography



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