Who Dropped the Ball?

I’m the one that dropped the ball… at the end of the 2015 college football season, no less. I absolutely love sports and writing about it is my passion. However, my ‘real job’ of being a realtor on the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches started to peak at the end of college football season and if you truly understand the life of a real estate agent, then you know there are NO days off work – football playoffs or otherwise. I keep MD’s hours – on call 25/8. 🙂 So, business was hopping and I was showing houses and negotiating contracts, all the while checking my sports apps to keep up. Yes, there were complete games I totally MISSED seeing. VERY. KEY. GAMES. Sad, but true, but I’m grateful for a positive housing marketing so all is not lost – awesome upturn in our Florida panhandle economy, especially in the 30A area! THANKFUL!

Back to 2015 college pigskin…. Even though my Mississippi State Bulldogs lost to rival, Ole Miss, the SEC finished on top with Alabama winning the National College Football Championship, much to the chagrin of the ACC and Clemson Tiger faithful. While anyone outside the South may not be happy about the outcome due to SEC-envy, just try to understand that Football is King in the South; second only to Religion. It’s a way of life. It’s all we know. But, in the spirit of competition, you never know what the next season will hold… August won’t get here fast enough!

On to basketball – we’re about to enter conference tournaments this week and March Madness is just around the corner. I love nothing more than the high’s and low’s of a college basketball game! One minute you’re on top of the world, thinking you have the game won and literally, within .1 second you can lose the game when that ball leaves the hands of a shooter beyond the three-point line, sailing through the air with a perfect arch, swooshing through the net for three points.  Just like that, your hopes of a conference title, Big Dance birth or possible National Title are OVER and DONE.

That split second difference and the potential outcome is why they call it March Madness. Let the Madness begin….




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