The Daughter (Me)

She’s the Coach and I’m her Daughter.

Being raised in the deep south, I’m a true Southern Belle, but hardcore when it comes to my sports fanhood and goodness knows, nothing takes precedence to college football game days in my household!

My life beyond sports: I moved to the Florida Panhandle in 2007 so when I’m not watching sports, I can be found on the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches and boating in our area bays and in the Gulf of Mexico on Shell Island.  I enjoy being involved in my community in various charitable organizations/events and I’m also a supporter of Mosley High School Dolphins football.

My real job is that of a licensed Realtor for Beachy Beach Real Estate – a laid back, fun-loving company (how could it not be, considering the name) with a spirit of giving. We’re definitely not a traditional brokerage and that’s what makes us uniquely wonderful – love the opportunity to be a guest host from time to time on our The Beach Show.





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