West Coast Visit – Nothin’ like the SEC!

I recently spent a week on the West Coast in the San Francisco area and also explored communities to the south and north of there and absolutely loved it! I went to a Giant’s game in AT&T Park and the views of the bay and mountains were stunning. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and had an incredible time experiencing a different landscape, culture, weather and the food was TO DIE FOR, but please don’t get me wrong when I say… it was good to get back home in the Southeast.

I’m a sports freak and in the back of my mind, even though I was soaking up the California sun and sights, I kept thinking about the eve of college football season… it seemed strange to not hear people talking about football and not hear phrases like ‘Roll Tide,’ ‘Hail State,’ ‘Geaux Tigers,’ ‘War Eagle,’ ‘Hotty Toddy,’ ‘CHOMP’ or ‘Go Noles.’ Football wasn’t a topic at all – PAC 12, Big 10, SEC, ACC or otherwise! The biggest “U” was Uber and I, for one, am a new Uber fan! Unfortunately, we don’t have access to that here, but that’s another story for another day.

No matter where you live or who your team is, it’s that time of year again, so sit back and get your fill of football this holiday weekend – find your favorite games below.



Pacific water is much colder than the Gulf of Mexico!
Pacific water is much colder than the Gulf of Mexico!


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