I’m Lee Ann and I’m a Coach’s Daughter. I’m a true Southern Belle who takes her sports seriously – no powder puff or girly stuff; just real sports.

I follow most all sports, but football is my passion. I grew up deeply embedded in the SEC and if there’s a game on, I’m watching, no matter the conference or team. My TV line-up is predominantly sports-related… ESPN, ESPN2, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, SEC Network, FOX Sports, etc. I feed my soul via SportsCenter and on Saturday mornings when many women are getting dressed to go shopping, I’m gearing up for ESPN’s College GameDay. I HAVE A DEEP AVERSION TO SHOPPING!

(Read more about my background, activities and ‘real job’ on The Daughter).

My Mom, Coach Georgia Carol Lackey Walker, is the reason I love sports. She’s spent the majority of her life either participating in athletics or coaching and guiding young athletes. She’s retired and has come out of retirement to coach again, three times now! 

(Read more about her history of success as a coach and an athlete on The Coach).

She and I share a love for football and every true fan has a favorite team – I’m no exception. I graduated from Mississippi State University so I bleed maroon and white, but I appreciate and respect talent no matter the school. The 2019 season marks the sixth year for the College Football Playoffs and the road to the national championship will undoubtedly be filled with disputes, enthusiasm, criticisms, elation and ultimately great disappointment for those teams that don’t make it in the Top 4 – the discussion about increasing the number of teams to make it into the playoffs was more prevalent this past year than since the CFP’s inception. Personally, I think a six-team playoff would be a step in the right direction.

I’m waiting (impatiently) for August for the next college football season!







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