Just One of the Guys!

Last year a determined athlete tried out for football at Mowat Middle School in Lynn Haven, FL, but didn’t make the team. Some of the older players expressed criticism about this sixth grader who was trying out for the football team. They said, “What’s she doing out here?” Yes, SHE. Allison Boyer, now a seventh grader, remembered those remarks and it motivated her to work even harder to make the team this year. That’s exactly what SHE did and is now playing in a few different positions, including running back. She’s quick and can take the hits like anyone else on the field. She works hard and is full of determination and has definitely earned the respect of her teammates and coaches.

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Allison and her twin sister, Sydney, a few of the other football players and Head Coach, Joey Jacobs. Check out our premier episode of A COACH’S DAUGHTER online show to see the full interview. Watch beyond the credits at the end – trust me, it’s worth it – gotta love middle school antics!

Sports in the Boyer family is just part of life. Allison and Sydney both play various sports and their dad, Chris Boyer, is a sports fan, prior athlete and now a weekend warrior; playing recreation league softball. They’re all Texas A&M Aggies and Denver Broncos fans. When I asked Chris about whether he was concerned about his daughter getting injured on the field he said, “As a parent I’m concerned about her getting hurt, but unfortunately it sometimes happens and we just hope that if it does, it’s nothing serious.”

Allison doesn’t want to be treated any different than the guys though, and after seeing the team practice, it’s evident they don’t treat her different from any other player carrying the football. SHE’S just one of the guys.

Special thanks to the Mowat Middle School cheerleaders and their coach, Joy Sorrells, for making it possible for the spirit-filled squad to be a part of our segment!

*Photo and video credit: Lou Columbus


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