If You Ain’t 1st, You’re Last (or FIRED) in the SEC

Speaking as a Mississippi State University fan (and alum), I’ve seen my share of last place finishes, not only in the SEC West, but in the SEC as a whole. It is what it is, but my never wavering support of a college that historically has NOT been at the top of the SEC football food chain is exactly what defines me as a true¬†State … Continue reading If You Ain’t 1st, You’re Last (or FIRED) in the SEC

West Coast Visit – Nothin’ like the SEC!

I recently spent a week on the West Coast in the San Francisco area and also explored communities to the south and north of there and absolutely loved it! I went to a Giant’s game in AT&T Park and the views of the bay and mountains were stunning. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and had an incredible time experiencing a different landscape, culture, weather and … Continue reading West Coast Visit – Nothin’ like the SEC!

“As Long as We Beat _________”

It’s the end of November which means it’s Rivalry Week, where a team at the bottom can beat a team on top. Records, strength of schedule, star athletes and veteran coaching staffs can be thrown out the window – you never know what will happen when rivalry teams line up on the field. Personally, I have a hard time even saying ‘Rivalry Week’… but apparently … Continue reading “As Long as We Beat _________”

Rivalries RING True

It’s August and that means football season is around the corner which ALSO means rivalries are heating up and emotions are beginning to run high. There’s nothing quite as intense as a college football rivalry. I decided to conduct a small experiment to prove just that and all I had to do was post my picture on Facebook holding an icon from my rival school, … Continue reading Rivalries RING True

a Coach’s Daughter Bracket Challenge

Join a FREE March Madness Bracket Challenge with a chance to win a $50 Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card! I would love to have you sports (and non-sports) fans participate with me, but you need to hurry to enter your bracket because the tournament starts tomorrow with two play-in games!! Manhattan (16) faces Hampton (16) in the Midwest region while Ole Miss (11) tips off … Continue reading a Coach’s Daughter Bracket Challenge

Everyone’s a Winner – What About the Trophy?

Have you heard this? “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you played the game.” If you played kid’s sports prior to the 1970’s, you NEVER heard that. Back then you either won or you lost. Only the champion received a trophy and it was one team trophy; at that. Nowadays, everyone is a winner, everyone gets a trophy and it’s not … Continue reading Everyone’s a Winner – What About the Trophy?

More than Braggin’ Rights

RIVALRY WEEK – the end of the season game that gives the winner braggin’ rights for a full year until they meet again. There are numerous storied rivalries in college football and sometimes, the outcome can be quite significant. In this Week 14 there are four teams that will battle it out on the gridiron for a shot at a bigger prize than the right … Continue reading More than Braggin’ Rights

How the West was Won

It’s never happened until today. There are four teams in the AP Top 5 that are all from the same league – the Southeastern Conference. But, not only are they in the same conference, they’re all in the same division – the West. Mississippi State Florida State University Ole Miss Alabama Auburn Unless some freak thing happens, FSU is guaranteed a spot in the Top … Continue reading How the West was Won

Show me the Money

Millions of dollars are spent in college football to pay coaches, have state-of-the-art facilities and although it’s a NCAA violation… offer ‘incentives’ to entice recruits. I don’t care what anyone says – you know it happens. Why do colleges pump so much money into their football programs? My guess is that they want to win… at all costs. Does bigger mean better? Evidently not. It’s … Continue reading Show me the Money

Telling it like it is…

Before I wrap this blog totally in maroon and white or continue talking about the Magnolia State, there’s something you should know. A Coach’s Daughter was born with the intention of being about REAL Sports for TRUE Fans and NOT specific to a team or conference. Yes, I’m Mississippi State girl, thus a SEC girl, but that’s irrelevant. Going into this college football season, I … Continue reading Telling it like it is…