“As Long as We Beat _________”

It’s the end of November which means it’s Rivalry Week, where a team at the bottom can beat a team on top. Records, strength of schedule, star athletes and veteran coaching staffs can be thrown out the window – you never know what will happen when rivalry teams line up on the field. Personally, I have a hard time even saying ‘Rivalry Week’… but apparently … Continue reading “As Long as We Beat _________”

Biggest House, Best Fans, By the Numbers

Why go to the game when you can livestream from your phone, tablet or laptop, or watch it on an array of networks via cable and satellite TV? Easy answer – there’s nothing quite like being in a stadium with thousands (sometimes more than 100,000) of other football fans cheering for their team, donning their school colors, and ultimately experiencing the feeling of victory or … Continue reading Biggest House, Best Fans, By the Numbers

Two Days and Two QB’s

I’m not a morning person and I don’t typically wake up early (on purpose or otherwise). I’m keenly aware that football season must be upon us after waking up at 4:21 this morning thinking about the whole dilemma of two Quarterbacks and numerous coaches as of last week that STILL don’t know who they’re going to name as their starting QB. This is mind-blowing to … Continue reading Two Days and Two QB’s

SEC West Bowled a Strike-OUT!

I’m not a bandwagon fan – I actually went to college at Mississippi State – in the SEC – namely, the SEC West. If you’re a true sports fan, you’re objective. Having said that, the SEC naysayers were RIGHT! We sucked it up in the bowl games and in addition to that, the SEC West dropped the ball, no pun intended. ‘How the West was … Continue reading SEC West Bowled a Strike-OUT!

Championship Saturday, Decision Sunday

Every week since the end of October, a handful of teams have played their hearts out, putting everything on the line, to either hold on to their College Football Playoff spot or to break into the Top 4. If you’re an avid football fan like me, your heart would beat a little faster as the announcement grew near every Tuesday evening. The playoff committee exceeded … Continue reading Championship Saturday, Decision Sunday

More than Braggin’ Rights

RIVALRY WEEK – the end of the season game that gives the winner braggin’ rights for a full year until they meet again. There are numerous storied rivalries in college football and sometimes, the outcome can be quite significant. In this Week 14 there are four teams that will battle it out on the gridiron for a shot at a bigger prize than the right … Continue reading More than Braggin’ Rights

Give Me the Remote!

As hard as it is to believe, it’s already November and we’re entering the home stretch of the college football season. This will be the month for big rivalry games where any team can emerge the victor regardless of their national ranking. For today though, it could very well be Elimination Saturday for some teams… where dreams are dashed and hopes for a run at … Continue reading Give Me the Remote!