NFL Second Chance – Karlos Williams, Sr.

Recently, 104.3 ESPN The Coach’s Daughter Show, was fortunate to have only the second interview given by an amazing man that’s working hard to make his way BACK to the National Football League… a humble Second Chance at a childhood dream. Karlos Williams, Sr. started playing football as a kid and always had the goal to make it to the NFL. By the time he was in Ridge … Continue reading NFL Second Chance – Karlos Williams, Sr.

Building a Strong Foundation… One BRICK at a Time

I grew up in the South and I’ll be honest and admit that I was surrounded by others that were hyperfocused on football, basketball, (and maybe softball along with track and field)! Back in my high school days we didn’t even have a soccer program, but things have definitely changed over time… and for the better! I relocated to the Emerald Coast 11 years ago … Continue reading Building a Strong Foundation… One BRICK at a Time

What Makes a Sports Fan… FANATICAL?

Obviously, ‘fan’ is short for FANATICAL and sports seem to drive people to do fanatical things. There are too many instances to mention, but one recent fan brought victory celebration to the national forefront. Last weekend University of Georgia fan, Michael DiNardo, literally jumped through a glass window after the Bulldogs came back to score against the Missouri Tigers to win the game. He wound up … Continue reading What Makes a Sports Fan… FANATICAL?

Girls Rule, Boys Drool

Girls ruling in football isn’t exactly something you hear everyday, if ever. Samantha “Sam” Gordon (a.k.a. Sweet Feet) changed all that two years ago at a mere nine years old when she gained global acclaim for her not-so-girlie abilities.  The beautiful and talented Gordon turned the predominantly male football world upside down as a QB on a Salt Lake City, UT recreation league – she … Continue reading Girls Rule, Boys Drool