It was 1986

Remember the sports headlines from 1986? If not, let me refresh your memory and enlighten those that have no recollection of it whatsoever because they weren’t even born yet. The year was 1986. The NCAA college football national champ was Penn State, the Mets won the world series, Boston Celtics were the NBA champs, and Becker and Navratilova took Wimbledon by storm. Ronald Reagan was … Continue reading It was 1986

Memory Loss Can’t Erase a Legacy

It happens – we get older and we forget things, but it felt like more than that in the 2010-11 season when Coach Pat Head Summit, all time most winning coach with 1100 victories in Division I college basketball history (men and women), started blanking out on plays she’d known like clockwork for decades. The Lady Vol’s coach suspected something was wrong and sought medical … Continue reading Memory Loss Can’t Erase a Legacy


Head Coaches in the Power 5 conferences are constantly dissected, but if you’re at the helm of a dynasty program with yearly expectations of a National Championship, you can go from the PENTHOUSE to the OUTHOUSE in a short period of time! A mere three weeks ago, Coach Les Miles (a.k.a. Mad Hatter) and LSU were #2 in the country according to the College Football … Continue reading PENTHOUSE? OUTHOUSE? You Make the Call

Puffed Up about Pre-Season Rankings

FPI, FBS, CFP, BCS – OMG! For as long as I can remember, the college football pre-season rankings were as delectable as thick syrup on a stack of hot pancakes off the griddle… dripping with anticipation. Pre-Season Football Rankings can puff up a team or deflate it faster than a kid can prick a balloon with a needle or a mere sitting! Historically, pre-season rankings … Continue reading Puffed Up about Pre-Season Rankings

She’s The Coach, I’m Her Daughter

You can take the coach out of the game, but you can’t take the game out of the coach. My inspiration for A Coach’s Daughter is from my mom, Georgia Carol Lackey Walker, a.k.a. Coach Walker. She’s also affectionately known by family and friends as simply, “G.” In a few hours we will see the first NCAA CFP National Championship game so I thought it … Continue reading She’s The Coach, I’m Her Daughter

CFP Committee – NOT all it’s QUACKED up to be!

The latest CFP rankings QUACK me up! Oregon Ducks #2? REALLY?! For years the football fan base yearned for a playoff system – and why not? If other NCAA Divisions did it, why couldn’t the power house Division I do it?? There are many opinions as to why… money, politics, it would extend the season too long, etc. I think it’s because the powers that … Continue reading CFP Committee – NOT all it’s QUACKED up to be!

Hostess with the Mostest

College coaches work hard to attract elite athletes – ‘attract’ being the keyword. What about beautiful girls? Did you know that sweet, sultry and gorgeous girls are in the back pocket of head coaches across the country? Yep, that’s right. Some of the nation’s most storied football programs employ beautiful college co-eds to influence high school standouts to commit to their football teams – under … Continue reading Hostess with the Mostest

Show me the Money

Millions of dollars are spent in college football to pay coaches, have state-of-the-art facilities and although it’s a NCAA violation… offer ‘incentives’ to entice recruits. I don’t care what anyone says – you know it happens. Why do colleges pump so much money into their football programs? My guess is that they want to win… at all costs. Does bigger mean better? Evidently not. It’s … Continue reading Show me the Money