College Football 64 Team Playoff?

Before you think I’ve lost my mind about suggesting a Division I College Football 64 team playoff, hear me out…. or should I say, ‘Please hear out HC Mike Leach of Washington State University Cougars.’ It’s apparent he’s put significant thought into this idea and specifically outlines every detail during our interview with him on the Coach’s Daughter Show on 104.3 ESPN Panama City over … Continue reading College Football 64 Team Playoff?

Two Days and Two QB’s

I’m not a morning person and I don’t typically wake up early (on purpose or otherwise). I’m keenly aware that football season must be upon us after waking up at 4:21 this morning thinking about the whole dilemma of two Quarterbacks and numerous coaches as of last week that STILL don’t know who they’re going to name as their starting QB. This is mind-blowing to … Continue reading Two Days and Two QB’s

Rivalries RING True

It’s August and that means football season is around the corner which ALSO means rivalries are heating up and emotions are beginning to run high. There’s nothing quite as intense as a college football rivalry. I decided to conduct a small experiment to prove just that and all I had to do was post my picture on Facebook holding an icon from my rival school, … Continue reading Rivalries RING True

Is Dirty Football Foul Play?

What is sportsmanship? The official definition states: sportsman-like conduct, fairness, courtesy, being a cheerful loser, etc. (I’ve never met anyone that’s been cheerful about losing a game). For purposes of this blog, ‘sportsman’ refers to college football – players, coaches, and fans. Yes, fans. Sportsmanship should not only be exhibited on the field, but also in the stands, at tailgate parties, in the classroom, on … Continue reading Is Dirty Football Foul Play?