CFP Committee – NOT all it’s QUACKED up to be!

The latest CFP rankings QUACK me up! Oregon Ducks #2? REALLY?! For years the football fan base yearned for a playoff system – and why not? If other NCAA Divisions did it, why couldn’t the power house Division I do it?? There are many opinions as to why… money, politics, it would extend the season too long, etc. I think it’s because the powers that … Continue reading CFP Committee – NOT all it’s QUACKED up to be!

Give Me the Remote!

As hard as it is to believe, it’s already November and we’re entering the home stretch of the college football season. This will be the month for big rivalry games where any team can emerge the victor regardless of their national ranking. For today though, it could very well be Elimination Saturday for some teams… where dreams are dashed and hopes for a run at … Continue reading Give Me the Remote!