Current Rankings Don’t Matter – Who’s Gonna Beat Bama?!

In the weeks preceding the College Football Playoff rankings all we have is the AP Top 25. For what seems like FOREVER NOW, guess who’s sitting at the top position?! Yep, Alabama. Saban Nation. Crimson Tide. Bear’s Boys. Recruiting Phenoms. Five Star Player Overload. Facilities out the ying-yang. National Championship Mega Trophy Case. I could go on and on, but I won’t! I have many … Continue reading Current Rankings Don’t Matter – Who’s Gonna Beat Bama?!

“As Long as We Beat _________”

It’s the end of November which means it’s Rivalry Week, where a team at the bottom can beat a team on top. Records, strength of schedule, star athletes and veteran coaching staffs can be thrown out the window – you never know what will happen when rivalry teams line up on the field. Personally, I have a hard time even saying ‘Rivalry Week’… but apparently … Continue reading “As Long as We Beat _________”

Care for a Cupcake?

Who doesn’t like cupcakes?! Actually, I don’t, but I’m not referring to a melt-in-your-mouth cake topped and decorated with at least 3″ of pure sugar, baked in a paper cup. The ‘cupcake’ I’m referring to is what college football defines as a very weak opponent; one that typically yields an easy victory. Most often these cupcakes travel to the dominant team’s home field and take … Continue reading Care for a Cupcake?

Rivalries RING True

It’s August and that means football season is around the corner which ALSO means rivalries are heating up and emotions are beginning to run high. There’s nothing quite as intense as a college football rivalry. I decided to conduct a small experiment to prove just that and all I had to do was post my picture on Facebook holding an icon from my rival school, … Continue reading Rivalries RING True

Spring Break = Social Media Cocktail

How you behave today will be on facebook or twitter tomorrow… or more realistically, within a few minutes! Even if you’re not a sports fan you may have recently seen coverage in the media about college football quarterback, Dak Prescott of Mississippi State after he and others were attacked in Panama City Beach while on spring break. More than likely, you saw it on social … Continue reading Spring Break = Social Media Cocktail

Let’s Go Bowlin’

Another college football season has come and gone, which is somewhat depressing. It went by so fast, but oh, what an exciting season it was! While many still believe the College Football Playoff system needs tweaking (hoping for an eight team playoff soon), it added an element of excitement and anticipation that rivals the feeling of a kid on Christmas morning. It’s worth noting that … Continue reading Let’s Go Bowlin’

Championship Saturday, Decision Sunday

Every week since the end of October, a handful of teams have played their hearts out, putting everything on the line, to either hold on to their College Football Playoff spot or to break into the Top 4. If you’re an avid football fan like me, your heart would beat a little faster as the announcement grew near every Tuesday evening. The playoff committee exceeded … Continue reading Championship Saturday, Decision Sunday

Everyone’s a Winner – What About the Trophy?

Have you heard this? “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you played the game.” If you played kid’s sports prior to the 1970’s, you NEVER heard that. Back then you either won or you lost. Only the champion received a trophy and it was one team trophy; at that. Nowadays, everyone is a winner, everyone gets a trophy and it’s not … Continue reading Everyone’s a Winner – What About the Trophy?

Top 10? Try Top 3!

Yesterday, I talked about two football showdowns in the Magnolia State and said the following: “Ole Miss and Mississippi State have never both had 4-0 records in the same year. If both schools win today they will likely enter the top 10 which will definitely create another first.” WHAT AN UNDERSTATEMENT. Top 10? WRONG. Think again – Top 3! That’s right – the Week 7 … Continue reading Top 10? Try Top 3!