What Makes a Sports Fan… FANATICAL?

Obviously, ‘fan’ is short for FANATICAL and sports seem to drive people to do fanatical things. There are too many instances to mention, but one recent fan brought victory celebration to the national forefront. Last weekend¬†University of Georgia fan, Michael DiNardo, literally jumped through a glass window after the Bulldogs came back to score against the Missouri Tigers to win the game. He wound up … Continue reading What Makes a Sports Fan… FANATICAL?

Mature Cheese

If you’ve seen Cheez-It commercials the last few years you’re familiar with ‘mature cheese’ and that they use aged cheese for their snack crackers. During the college football season they team up with ESPN and air promos with Kirk Herbstreit and Desmond Howard (1991 Heisman trophy winner from the University of Michigan, NFL wide receiver and ESPN college football analyst). The ‘cheese’ doesn’t quite strike … Continue reading Mature Cheese