Trick Kick – Super Feat

I’ve always had empathy for kickers. It’s got to be one of the more difficult positions on a football team because a kicker can either save the day or ruin the moment. If they make the field goal to win the game, they’re hoisted on the shoulders of their teammates and paraded off the field like Rudy. If they miss and the team loses, everyone’s … Continue reading Trick Kick – Super Feat

a Coach’s Daughter Bracket Challenge

Join a FREE March Madness Bracket Challenge with a chance to win a $50 Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card! I would love to have you sports (and non-sports) fans participate with me, but you need to hurry to enter your bracket because the tournament starts tomorrow with two play-in games!! Manhattan (16) faces Hampton (16) in the Midwest region while Ole Miss (11) tips off … Continue reading a Coach’s Daughter Bracket Challenge

What is Bracketology? Non-Basketball Fans Can Benefit!

If you randomly asked people what March means, most would respond… Spring time or St. Patrick’s Day, but if you’re a college basketball fan or a true sports fan (i.e. one that follows more than just football), you know what it means. If you equate March with Spring, let me educate you about the world of March Madness and what it means to be a … Continue reading What is Bracketology? Non-Basketball Fans Can Benefit!