SEC West Bowled a Strike-OUT!

I’m not a bandwagon fan – I actually went to college at Mississippi State – SEC – specifically, the SEC West. If you’re a true sports fan, you’re objective. Having said that, the SEC naysayers were RIGHT! We sucked it up in the bowl games – the SEC West dropped the ball as a whole; no pun intended. ‘How the West was won’ consisted of … Continue reading SEC West Bowled a Strike-OUT!

Let’s Go Bowlin’

Another college football season has come and gone, which is somewhat depressing. It went by so fast, but oh, what an exciting season it was! While many still believe the College Football Playoff system needs tweaking (hoping for an eight team playoff soon), it added an element of excitement and anticipation that rivals the feeling of a kid on Christmas morning. It’s worth noting that … Continue reading Let’s Go Bowlin’