College Football 64 Team Playoff?

Before you think I’ve lost my mind about suggesting a Division I College Football 64 team playoff, hear me out…. or should I say, ‘Please hear out HC Mike Leach of Washington State University Cougars.’ It’s apparent he’s put significant thought into this idea and specifically outlines every detail during our interview with him on the Coach’s Daughter Show on 104.3 ESPN Panama City over the summer. In case you didn’t know, he’s also fulfilling the role as a professor at Washington State and it’s no surprise that he’s a guru at strategy. I’ll admit I was a little skeptical when he first brought it up, but after giving it more thought it might be doable…. or at least a scaled-down version may work.

I’m grateful the BCS is DONE, but I think the CFP needs to be expanded to at least 6-8 teams. Coach Mike Leach believes we can go well beyond that! Listen to the full interview. I can assure you it will make you truly ponder the possibility…


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