Current Rankings Don’t Matter – Who’s Gonna Beat Bama?!

In the weeks preceding the College Football Playoff rankings all we have is the AP Top 25. For what seems like FOREVER NOW, guess who’s sitting at the top position?! Yep, Alabama. Saban Nation. Crimson Tide. Bear’s Boys. Recruiting Phenoms. Five Star Player Overload. Facilities out the ying-yang. National Championship Mega Trophy Case. I could go on and on, but I won’t! I have many family members and friends who are Roll Tide all the way and I never like offending anyone, but at the end of the day, I’m a sports girl who likes to cover all aspects of the game and all teams and my thoughts and reactions are similar to most fans out there!

My team will ALWAYS be my alma mater, Misssissippi State University! HAIL STATE!

MSU Pom Squad 1985-1988

Am I tired of seeing Bama as #1? Yes. Most people are. I was talking to a fellow female sports enthusiast recently (Bama fan) and she said, “I don’t understand why everyone hates Alabama.” After a few minutes, we both agreed that it’s because everyone that’s NON-Bama is tired of seeing the same team at the top year after year. How can one program have so many national championships?! My first thought is to answer, “money” but it’s also about recruiting. Good recruiting yields good players which yield winning teams. That’s what creates a dynasty in college football. Financially stable programs definitely have an advantage at any college as well.

I’m a lifelong State fan so I don’t know what it feels like to be a National Champ. I remember the high I felt the few weeks we were #1 in the CFP when Dak Prescott was the QB – it was amazing. I don’t know that my cowbell saw that much action prior to then – if ever! I was a little obnoxious – and rightly so!

When My Dawgs were #1 – 2014

What fuels the hatred against Bama and Nick Saban? Jealousy. Plain and simple. We ALL want to experience that success and to do it consistently. If you disagree then you’re not being honest with yourself. So, do all the ‘Roll Tides’ get nauseating?! YES, they do! WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT?! Someone has to knock them off… and apparently, it may need to happen twice in one season because they’ve gotten in the playoffs with one loss before. haha

Who do YOU think can beat Bama this year? I don’t know if anyone will do it, but at this point, in the baby stages of the season after Week 3, here are my predictions:

First, let’s recognize the fact that even Bama fans can admit, they have a cakewalk schedule this year. The two SEC East crossover games they have are against UT and Missouri. Really?! Tennessee has been a disappointment so far – ‘they say’ Jeremy needs more time. Missouri? (picture me falling off my chair laughing). Auburn is ALWAYS a possibility because a rivalry game is highly unpredictable. LSU is a freight train I didn’t see coming for sure. Texas A&M doesn’t seem likely, but they may be one of those dark horse scenarios where Jimbo gets lucky, but then again they play that matchup in T-Town. What about the Bulldogs – the MSU Bulldogs?! You never know.

Speaking of my Bulldog fanhood, I have a confession to make. When I was in middle school I got so mad when my Dogs got beat by Bama (The Bear was the HC) that I threw out all my State apparel, even my undies – yes, I had MSU undergarments. My mom, The Coach, can verify.

Lee Ann as a toddler. Bulldog Shirt and cowboy boots.

I’ve been passionate about sports all my life – obviously. I’m also an optimist and it’s early so who knows what could happen between now and the end of the season! THE REAL QUESTION is NOT who’s going to be #1… it’s who CAN BEAT Bama?!

Current Rankings: AP Top 25 – Week 3

Roll Tide Football Schedule 2018 – Read it and weep – or laugh. 

If you want to keep up with the rankings, weekly predictions and trash talking amongst ‘friends,’ tune into 104.3 ESPN Panama City every Friday from 7-8 am CST when I have the pleasure to hang out with Coach James Hale, Coach Conrad Moon and Coach Glen Manley – three-storied coaches in the FL Panhandle. You won’t be disappointed! You can also stay updated on my Facebook page A Coach’s Daughter!


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