It was 1986

Remember the sports headlines from 1986? If not, let me refresh your memory and enlighten those that have no recollection of it whatsoever because they weren’t even born yet.

The year was 1986. The NCAA college football national champ was Penn State, the Mets won the world series, Boston Celtics were the NBA champs, and Becker and Navratilova took Wimbledon by storm.

Ronald Reagan was president and Top Gun was #1 at the box office. It was also the LAST YEAR that the University of Kentucky Wildcats DEFEATED the University of Florida Gators. On November 15, 1986 UK walked off the field a victor, 10-3. The overall record between the two SEC East teams is 51-17 with the Gators leading in the Win column. They’ve beaten the cats every season since 1987; the longest current winning streak in an annual match-up in college football.

Tonight the Cats played in the Swamp and finally broke this LONG standing losing streak and I just listened to the SEC Network analysts blame it on the prior coaching staff and the ‘hangover, lingering administrative deficits’ at Florida as to the reason that Dan Mullen lost. Oh my. Coach Mark Stoops and his scrappy, never-say-die football team, played with heart and left the field as the victor… unfortunately, many Gator players showed disrespect and poor sportsmanship as they vacated the Swamp. That was unexpected and disappointing, to say the least.

Final score: UK 27 – UF 16.




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