Not Panicking with Hurricane Season – Mild Gusts from Week 1

Finally, after months, all the college football fans got their fix a few days ago during kickoff weekend with Week 1 (post Week Zero) of NCAA College Football. If you’re not a true fan you won’t understand, but for those of you who do, you can relate to the feeling I experienced leading up to that day…. chill bumps, hair standing up on my arms and neck, spontaneous bouts of cheering, yelling, saying random HAIL STATE’s and intermittent ringing of the cowbell (ok so that last one is just for State fans). I drove up to Mississippi last week to visit my family for a few days and listened to 11 total hours, there and back, of college football radio – it was fun to hear the predictions, the coaching/player suspension drama details, the analysis and the ‘this may or may not ever happen’ scenarios for the future of the college football playoffs. I’m already starting to think I should fund a campaign for a six-team Playoff. If you’re near my age you will remember that consideration for anything beyond the BCS would be a stretch, but here we are, a few years into the four-team CFP…. I think it needs to be expanded or else all other teams and conferences outside the Power Five will be whining….. and admittedly, in part, rightly so.

Back to reality… how did the conferences perform? As per usual, the SEC rocked it with wins, but then again MOST matchups were cupcakes, as it was for a lot of the big guys. Have to give kudos to Auburn for their win over Washington, but both teams played tough! A little bit in shock for how LSU totally stormed past Miami. Wow. Looks like Coach O may have squelched the critics for now and MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, they’ve found a QB for the Bayou Bengals. AND, while in a rebuilding year, I’m scratching my head as to how ROCKY TOP got shut down like they did against West Virginia. I remember a guest at ESPN Radio earlier this year telling me that Mississippi State messed up by not hiring Jeremy Pruitt. Remember the press conference when Volunteer nation announced JP – he was sweaty, nervous and looked scared to death?! I remember that. I’ll acknowledge that he’s a good coach, but I’m standing behind our HC, JOE MOORHEAD – I continue to be impressed with him and his staff every day that goes by! Obviously, time will tell. #hailstate

Week One media drama: Nick Saban got perturbed that ESPN’s Maria Taylor asked him about his decisiveness with a QB… really?! She asked what everyone wanted to know. She asked him what EVERYONE has been asking him…. SINCE. THE. NATIONAL. CHAMPIONSHIP. EARLIER. THIS. YEAR. Get over it Nick – although, at least he apologized. Maria is a sweet, positive, outgoing, dynamic media personality! I admire her not only for her athletic attributes but even more so for the fact she can rock heels like she does and obviously, that she can graciously manage all these coaches with bigger than life egos!

Last night…. well, I’m still in shock about last night. The Hokies totally rocked the Noles…. at HOME. It was cool to see two legends meet and greet during pre-game…. Frank Beamer and Bobby Bowden. I do like Willie Taggart and I think it’s a good fit for him to lead the Seminoles…. hoping that the ‘WHOAH – OH – WHOAH – OH’ nation will give him a fighting chance.

Here’s how everything shook out from this past weekend’s games… SURPRISE – Bama is #1.

I’m a true sports fan – about real sports – I’m not so narrow-minded that I only follow and support my team or my conference. I’m asking that you provide feedback and/or share this site with others so that they can do so!

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