Flip Flops Hole in One…

Considering football is over, along with NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball, I’ve found myself watching sporting events I don’t normally tune into… like GOLF. It’s not that I don’t like GOLF – it’s a little slow for me in the ‘action category’ and everyone speaks softly so it’s hard to hear at times, with the exception of the occasional clapping and spontaneous cheer in the crowd for an amazing shot. Mostly, you hear the groans and ‘ooh’s and ah’s’ when that dented ball seems to be perfectly in line to go into the hole… only to take the wrong turn and roll down the green past the hole, or into the sand trap, or worse, into the water.

Last week during the Masters Tournament I found myself cheering for Patrick Reed. Everyone loves an underdog, right? Well, not everyone because he’s received some criticism about a few things, but all I know is that no one expected him to win and he DID WIN, so that makes it a feel-good story.

I don’t have a green jacket and I never will, but I did attempt a Hole in One a few years ago while sponsoring a local golf tournament at Nature Walk Golf Course to raise money for Mosley High School Football. The brokerage I work for, Beachy Beach Real Estate is definitely outside the box and we always have fun, no matter the setting. Hope you enjoy this video… gotta love the flip-flops – no polo shirt OR leisure pants (plaid or otherwise). Yes, I know there are many fundamental issues wrong with this shot – like, you wouldn’t be using the club I had, but AGAIN, it was all in good fun!

“She shoots, she scores.” Oh, wait, sorry, that’s basketball. Whatever – we had a small crowd cheering and I finally got it in so that’s all that counts. HOLE IN ONE – DONE! You have to admit I have the ‘crowd acknowledgement’ part down pat.

I’ll be honest, out of all the sports or activities I’ve ever played or participated in, like basketball, softball, track, cheer and dance, it was GOLF that frustrated me the most. Putt-putt is one thing, but as an adult I attempted to play ‘real golf’ with two amazing women that are talented life-long golfers in Gulfport, MS. It was a day to remember and they’re still laughing about it almost 30 years later. Of course, part of what it made it so memorable was something I did – one of the most blonde moments I’ve ever had and it’s so much so that I’ve yet to publicly admit exactly what that was. I’ll save the ‘reveal’ for a rainy day… like a bad, stormy day… or maybe during a hurricane when NO ONE would be online. That’s how embarrassing it is. Trust me on that one.

Now, it’s time to get my BASEBALL ON!





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