Care for a Cupcake?

Who doesn’t like cupcakes?! Actually, I don’t, but I’m not referring to a melt-in-your-mouth cake topped and decorated with at least 3″ of pure sugar, baked in a paper cup. The ‘cupcake’ I’m referring to is what college football defines as a very weak opponent; one that typically yields an easy victory. Most often these cupcakes travel to the dominant team’s home field and take a pounding on the gridiron and the fans leave happy in knowing they’ve gained a “W” in their win/loss column.

Playing cupcakes is a double-edged sword for top ranked teams in the Power 5 conferences because while it positively affects their win/loss record, it also negatively affects their ‘strength of schedule’ as far as the College Football Playoff committee is concerned. However, my prediction is that the committee will overlook the abundance of cupcakes… they always have in the past.

Week 1 of the college football season was predominantly made up of cupcake games, but it seems there are many more in this Week 2 of pigskin play as well – looks like the big boys of the Power 5 are going to be on a sugar high for yet another week…

The only contests this weekend where both teams are ranked is as follows:






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