Rivalries RING True

It’s August and that means football season is around the corner which ALSO means rivalries are heating up and emotions are beginning to run high. There’s nothing quite as intense as a college football rivalry. I decided to conduct a small experiment to prove just that and all I had to do was post my picture on Facebook holding an icon from my rival school, OLE MISS. As expected, it started a firestorm. I received praise by UM friends and disdain from my own State friends.

True sports fans know it’s all in good fun, but it can be taken to the extreme too. Families can be divided over it, work environments strained because of it and you know it’s bad when, at the mere mention of a rival school, makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. The Alabama vs. Auburn is a classic rivalry and very well known, but there are many storied rivalries in college football:

  • Army vs. Navy
  • Michigan vs. Ohio State
  • Oklahoma vs. Texas
  • FSU vs. Miami
  • Notre Dame vs. USC

And yes, State vs. Ole Miss!

Recently, I had the pleasure of being a guest on Panhandle Sports Weekly with Scott McKinney on 30a.tv. Ironically, he’s also an Ole Miss guy – we both were respectful of each other’s colleges yet there was no mistaking our allegiances. I even praised UM, but watch to the end because I also rang my cowbell… LOUD AND PROUD!

Click to watch:

Panhandle Sports Weekly

I’m a Mississippi State girl to the core – I’m also a true sports fan that loves the game and that means covering it all, rival school or not. Be classy this football season – love your team and also your neighbor…even if they are an Ole Miss fan. #hailstate

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I’ll have the privilege of joining the show again this season so watch on Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm livestream on 30alive.com, Mediacom Ch 17, Fairpoint Communications Ch 8, ROKU and Omnibox.tv, with more networks to be added in the coming month.

30a Television


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