Hat’s Off to College Football

While the 2015 College Football Season is more than six months away, it could be significantly impacted by what happens tomorrow. Yep, February 4th is a Signature Day! For the 10th straight year ESPNU will host a marathon covering who’s going where… which may ultimately lead to Who’s In for this year’s CFP. If you’re a REAL SPORTS fan, you will know this is a big deal. If not, well… maybe you should re-evaluate your fan-hood.

Do you remember being a kid on July 4th when you lit sparklers and ran around like it was the greatest thing ever? Do you also remember when the fizzle got close to the bottom, its power diminished and then sort of died out and POOF, it was gone? Unfortunately, that’s what happens to some of these top and highly touted recruits. Everybody wants them, they go out to the highest bidder (you know it’s true) and then they join the ranks of some of college football’s premier programs. Some make it; some don’t.

WATCH THIS… Hat’s Off to Who’s In

I enjoy National Signing Day because of the anticipation and the element of surprise! At some point an innovative marketing guru thought of the whole ‘pick up the hat’ of where everyone thought the kid would go, then pull a ‘switcheroo’ and change the hat at the last second.

Competition is not only about winning and losing – it’s about triumph, disappointment and last-minute upsets.





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