Heisman in Heels – Thanks Desmond!

Last summer I attempted the Heisman pose in heels for A Coach’s Daughter (photos courtesy of Ray Wishart). Recently, Desmond Howard, THE master of the Heisman pose himself, tweeted this promo for the Cheez-It Sweepstakes. This was quite an accomplishment considering I was wearing 6″ heels – I can’t even walk in heels, period. It probably wasn’t a big deal to him or anyone else, but given the fact that I’m a major sports fan, especially college football… it was pretty awesome to me.


For those of you who are not football people (probably very few if you’re reading a sports blog)…. Desmond Howard is a former football player from the University of Michigan and Heisman Trophy winner (1991), NFL player and current ESPN College Football Analyst/College GameDay.

Love college football and hate to see it come to an end for this season, but the NFL playoffs are still going strong and college hoops are going on… REAL SPORTS for TRUE FANS.

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