SEC West Bowled a Strike-OUT!

I’m not a bandwagon fan – I actually went to college at Mississippi State – SEC – specifically, the SEC West. If you’re a true sports fan, you’re objective. Having said that, the SEC naysayers were RIGHT! We sucked it up in the bowl games – the SEC West dropped the ball as a whole; no pun intended. ‘How the West was won’ consisted of only TWO TEAMS winning and they were in the bottom half of the division! I enjoyed the dream season my alma mater experienced this year, as anyone would – but at the end of the day (season), if you don’t have (what used to be) the crystal ball, ya ain’t got nothin’! I predict the CFP golden trophy will make the pacific northwest its home for the nest year…

I, for one, am thrilled to finally have a playoff system – looking forward to the day they increase it to eight teams – it will happen; eventually.

BOWL STANDINGS below (as of 8:00 p.m. CST, 1/3/2015):

Conference name, % of teams that made it to a bowl game, win-loss record so far, and how many teams with games yet to be completed (if applicable).

  • SEC,   86%,   7-5,
  • ACC,   73%,   4-7
  • Big 10,   71%,   5-5,  1 (Nat’l Championship)
  • Big 12,   70%,   2-5,
  • PAC 12,   67%,  6-2,   1 (Nat’l Championship)
  • Mtn West,   64%,   3-4
  • Am Athl,   45%,   2-3,
  • Mid-Am,   42%,   1-3,   1
  • Conf USA,   36%,   4-1
  • SunBelt,   27%,   1-1,  1








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