SEC West Bowled a Strike-OUT!

I’m not a bandwagon fan – I actually went to college at Mississippi State – in the SEC – namely, the SEC West. If you’re a true sports fan, you’re objective. Having said that, the SEC naysayers were RIGHT! We sucked it up in the bowl games and in addition to that, the SEC West dropped the ball, no pun intended. ‘How the West was won’ consisted of only TWO TEAMS winning and they were in the bottom half of the division! I enjoyed the dream season my alma mater experienced this year, as anyone would – but at the end of the day (season), if you don’t have (what used to be) the crystal ball, ya ain’t got nothin’!

I, for one, am thrilled to finally have a playoff system – looking forward to the day they increase it to eight teams – it will happen; eventually.

BOWL STANDINGS below (as of 8:00 p.m. CST, 1/3/2015):

Conference name, % of teams that made it to a bowl game, win-loss record so far, and how many teams with games yet to be completed (if applicable).

  • SEC,   86%,   7-5,
  • ACC,   73%,   4-7
  • Big 10,   71%,   5-5,  1 (Nat’l Championship)
  • Big 12,   70%,   2-5,
  • PAC 12,   67%,  6-2,   1 (Nat’l Championship)
  • Mtn West,   64%,   3-4
  • Am Athl,   45%,   2-3,
  • Mid-Am,   42%,   1-3,   1
  • Conf USA,   36%,   4-1
  • SunBelt,   27%,   1-1,  1








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