A Southern Thing?

Are you a fan that would do ANYTHING other than pull for a rival team or conference foe? Or, are you one of those fans that pulls for teams in your given division during bowl games because you know their victories look good for all associated with the program? (I know there are closet conference supporters out there).

I was taught growing up that you supported your conference for the good of all teams tied to it – for me, that was the SEC. Since moving to Florida, I’ve discovered that many people despise the tradition-rich conference and that the SEC may be the only one that considers themselves a ‘team’ within itself. Why is that?

After a trip up north for Christmas, I saw things from a different perspective, but before you think I’m bailing on the south or the SEC, rest assured that I’m not. I love and know football more than maybe some men and in my own arrogance, I just assumed that other men would feel the same way no matter what region of the country they lived in. Not true. Apparently, there is more interest in the NFL north of the Mason-Dixon line. So, I started thinking…. why doesn’t everyone else share my passion for college football and yes, even the SEC or the ACC?

The only explanation I can think of is the fact that we have nothing else to do in the south? Seriously though – we have few professional sports teams in the southeast compared to other areas across the U.S. – in the northeast, mid-west or west coast. Think about it… out of 11 states in the southeast, there are 9 NFL teams – three of which are in metropolitan areas of FL and 50% of those nine teams have floundered at the bottom of the league for years. High school and college sports are king in the Southeast. It’s a way of life.

The South is about community. The South is about loyalty. The South is about people. The South loves football; namely college football. Regardless of why, the South seems to join together and support each other through anything whether it be national disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes or poverty and hardship…. or the road to a College Football Playoff national championship. PROUD TO BE A SOUTHERN BELLE!





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