Let’s Go Bowlin’

Another college football season has come and gone, which is somewhat depressing. It went by so fast, but oh, what an exciting season it was! While many still believe the College Football Playoff system needs tweaking (hoping for an eight team playoff soon), it added an element of excitement and anticipation that rivals the feeling of a kid on Christmas morning. It’s worth noting that my alma mater, Mississippi State, made history by being the first #1 ranked team for the first CFP Top Four and while the Dawgs ended the season at #7, it was one of those dream runs that State fans will never forget. #hailstate

Now it’s time to go bowlin’ – today’s post-season action marks the first of 41 bowl games to be played, including the national championship.*  ‘Tis my favorite time of the year… vacation, visiting family for the holidays, good food and days on end of a whole lot of football! 

Here is the schedule for all match-ups. HAPPY BOWLIN’ Y’ALL!

2014-2015 Bowl Schedule

*My prediction for the national championship game: Alabama vs. Florida State

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