Championship Saturday, Decision Sunday

Every week since the end of October, a handful of teams have played their hearts out, putting everything on the line, to either hold on to their College Football Playoff spot or to break into the Top 4. If you’re an avid football fan like me, your heart would beat a little faster as the announcement grew near every Tuesday evening. The playoff committee exceeded their expectations with the hype – they started releasing results early in the season, thus creating controversy, division, criticism and excitement (especially for those of us Mississippi State fans who got to tout the #1 spot for a few weeks). Brilliant marketing strategy.

It’s the final week – who’s still in? 1. Alabama 2. Oregon 3. TCU and 4. Florida State. The Ducks won handily this week and TCU demolished ISU. So, now it’s up to the SEC and ACC conference championships. Yeah, both Baylor and Ohio State have games to play too, but while I’m willing to admit it if I’m wrong, I don’t thing the outcome of their games will matter as far as the Top 4 is concerned. BUT, if Bama or FSU should falter, things could look differently tomorrow when the CFP announces their final four.

MAY THE BEST TEAM WIN! Oh, wait – that’s not the way it works this year. The CFP rankings aren’t determined by whether you win or lose – it’s how you play the game. Translation: no matter what happens in today’s games, we won’t really have a clue what the Top 4 will look like until they announce it tomorrow.

It’s hard to believe the season is drawing to a close – while that’s depressing, I’m already getting excited about next year! (I’ll be transitioning to basketball soon – my second most favorite sport).


Jingle Bulls


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