CFP Committee – NOT all it’s QUACKED up to be!

The latest CFP rankings QUACK me up! Oregon Ducks #2? REALLY?! For years the football fan base yearned for a playoff system – and why not? If other NCAA Divisions did it, why couldn’t the power house Division I do it?? There are many opinions as to why… money, politics, it would extend the season too long, etc.

I think it’s because the powers that be were afraid that it just might mean we would fairly determine a true national champion. So after much pressure, they switched to a playoff system giving a mere four teams the chance to crown a champion. I, for one, was elated to have a playoff system, but some of the methods have been QUACKIN’ insane! For instance, why would the selection committee start naming the top four with weeks left to play in the season?! If you know college football, you know that November is when a team’s season is defined and I don’t mean the beginning of November… the end of the month… the end of Rivalry Week.

I’m partial to the end of November, not only for the intense football games, but because it’s my birthday (November 30th – for anyone that may care).

Back to the topic… so the committee began the big hype by announcing the top four in October instead and now, they’ve painted themselves into a corner, so to speak. Yes, I’m a Mississippi State fan so I was excited to see my team ranked #1, but the DAWGS have some major contests remaining on the schedule. The reigning national champion, FSU, has been #2 and while many Seminoles didn’t agree with that (and I totally understand their point), at least the committee had the two unbeatens in the top two positions.

“We spent a lot of time discussing the merits of the top teams this week,” said selection committee chairman Jeff Long. “We clearly look at the win/loss record, but we also look beyond the record to other factors indicating overall strength. Our thinking is consistent. Strength of schedule and body of work are important. Week in and week out, we will begin with a fresh look at all the teams and a clean sheet of paper which provides us with new perspective.”

Last night, this is what the committee’s ‘new perspective’ looked like (click on the image to enlarge):

Pages from CFP-Top-25-Through-November-8

I believe the committee is QUACKING up the wrong tree (pun intended for the Oregon tree-huggers). Maybe Nike sponsored the food for the selection committee’s sessions on Monday and Tuesday?? Who knows?! Oregon can’t hang with schools down south, whether that means the SEC, FSU or anyone in Texas. They’ve proven that in bowl games in the past.

The thought of them being the top team in the country QUACKS me up. The proof will be in the pudding soon and whether my alma mater makes it there or not, I hope that whoever plays the Ducks proves my prediction – that they don’t deserve to be #2.

Ok, I’m finished now. GO DAWGS – BEAT BAMA!






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