How the West was Won

It’s never happened until today. There are four teams in the AP Top 5 that are all from the same league – the Southeastern Conference. But, not only are they in the same conference, they’re all in the same division – the West.

  1. Mississippi State
  2. Florida State University
  3. Ole Miss
  4. Alabama
  5. Auburn

Unless some freak thing happens, FSU is guaranteed a spot in the Top 4 by season’s end because they don’t face anymore ranked teams in their schedule. The remaining four teams all have to play each other as part of their regular schedule within the West division.

  • MSU (1) beat Auburn + vs. Bama & Ole Miss
  • Ole Miss (3) beat Bama + vs. Auburn & MSU
  • Bama (4) lost to Ole Miss + vs. Auburn & MSU
  • Auburn (5) lost to MSU + vs. Bama & Ole Miss

Each year the SEC tends to eliminate each other in the battle for the national championship due to how the conference is stacked and split. The new playoff system stands to give the SEC an opportunity to have three of the top four spots at the end of the season. Every remaining week will be a good ‘ole fashioned western shoot out.

Read the full story here.





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