Sights/Signs – GameDay in StarkVegas

Just a few images from today in the Junction at Mississippi State University in Starkville, MS (a.k.a. StarkVegas). Excuse the ones taken from the tv – hey, what else can you do when you can’t be there live?!

GameDay crew ringing their cowbells!

GameDay ringing the cowbell


Auburn Fans

Auburn Fans


Dak for Heisman!

Dak for Heisman


Chris Fowler playing the cowbell like Ferrell in SNL skit…

Chris Fowler playing the cowbell


Gus’s fashion statement

Gus Woman Jeans


Viva Starkvegas!

Viva Starkvegas


David Pollack picks MSU!

David Pollack picks MSU


Scene at the Junction

The Junction


GameDay crew when Lee Corso picked State and Bully too!

Everyone but Herbstreit


The World Needs More Cowbell!

The World Needs More Cowbell


Yes, this Cam Newton in junior college when he was committed to MSU – before the Auburn ‘offer’.

Cam Newton before the Monetary Offer


Key Picks for today: Georgia, TCU, Ole Miss, Oklahoma and of course, MSU

One thought on “Sights/Signs – GameDay in StarkVegas

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