My Fanhood – Toddler to Today

What does it mean to be a Mississippi State fan – a REAL State fan? I’ve been one for as long as I can remember. I hail from a family that’s mixed within the ranks, but all within the SEC – LSU, Mississippi State and Alabama.

With all the recent buzz about MSU, I started thinking about my origins as a State fan… HOW and WHY am I a State fan – a die hard fan – one that is a fan regardless of wins/losses, and for this many years when I spent many years growing up around LSU fans?

I decided to ask my mom, The Coach… “How did I emerge a State fan when I was surrounded for many years by others that weren’t?”

The Coach’s reply: “I was always a State fan and I listened to them play on the radio. I spent summers on MSU’s campus at 4-H conferences in my teens. The Uithoven part of your family were MSU fans and we started giving you Bulldog shirts when you were tiny. You have always been a State fan. Later, when you were surrounded by LSU fans, they were unable to convert you. You’re a Bulldawg through and through.”

The bottom line: if you’re a REAL Mississippi State fan, it means you can handle the year-end and year-out of being ‘so close’ to getting over the hump, yet not making it and STILL remain a supporter of MSU. Still ringing your cowbell. Still getting fired up on the day of a game. Still buying season tickets. Still considering the Egg Bowl to be the closest thing to a national championship – the winner walked away with bragging rights for the next year!

Whatever your fanhood and no matter your team, be a TRUE fan – one that sticks by your team no matter what. It’s called a game, but down south, it’s a way of life.

Me and my baby sis - she's an LSU Fan
Me and my baby sis – she’s a LSU Fan







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