Football Y’all – Mississippi Style

It’s college football Saturday in the south – in the ‘Hospitality State’ – in MY home state, Y’ALL.

It’s all about the numbers as two big match-ups play out in my home state of Mississippi. For the first time in ESPN history, College GameDay is broadcasting from the famous Grove at Ole Miss – Chris, Kirk, Lee and Desmond are sporting their preppy bow ties. A little farther south, SEC Nation is set up in the Junction just outside Davis-Wade Stadium in Starkville with cowbells ringing in the background. What do you think it’s like on BOTH campuses today? Voices are dripping with Southern accents, sweet tea is flowing, the smell of food is floating through the air around the tailgating tents, and fans are chanting Hotty Toddy and ringing cowbells. Did I mention Southern women? Yes, there will be an abundance of beautiful women and you won’t hear them say anything that doesn’t include the word, Y’ALL.

It’s the first time ESPN College GameDay has ever broadcast their show at Ole Miss. It’s the first time both Ole Miss (#11) and Mississippi State (#12) have been ranked this high at the same time. Ole Miss and Mississippi State have never both had 4-0 records in the same year. If both schools win today they will likely enter the top 10 which will definitely create another ‘first’. Exciting times in the Magnolia State! Even though Ole Miss and State are big time rivals, I’m proud of BOTH schools and hope they BOTH continue to win and move on up in the rankings.

There’s a lot riding on both of these games today – all four teams are undefeated.

Mississippi State (#12) 4-0 vs. Texas A&M (#6) 5-0

Mississippi State goes into the game today at 4-0 – if they beat A&M it will only be the fourth time since 1933 to be 5-0. The Bulldogs were 5-0 in the 1944, 1999 and 2012 seasons. State has played five consecutive games with more than 500 yards of total offense (including last year’s Liberty Bowl plus the four games so far this season). It’s the longest streak in MSU history for total offense – that streak is tied with Alabama and Baylor for the longest in the nation.

State’s QB, Dak Prescott has been mentioned as a Heisman hopeful and needs to make a good showing for himself today to increase his Heisman stock. Prescott has had three consecutive games with at least 200 passing yards and 100 rushing yards – he’s had over 200 passing yards in all four games this season. HAIL STATE!

Ole Miss (#11)  4-0 vs. Alabama (#3) 4-0

Ole Miss is 4-0 which is the first time since 1970 and if they beat Alabama to move to 5-0 it will be the first time since 1962. The Rebels won their first five games for six straight seasons – from 1957 through 1962. Today Ole Miss will meet Bama for the 62nd time with the Crimson Tide leading the series 47-9-2. The last time Ole Miss beat Bama was in 2003. So yes, it’s a big game for the Rebels and a win over Bama could be a ‘game changer’ (no pun intended) for the entire football season for Ole Miss. GO REBS!

The victors of these two games may ultimately determine how the west was won… as in the western division of the SEC conference.

Now, go watch some good football…. Y’ALL!



2 thoughts on “Football Y’all – Mississippi Style

  1. Sweet tea flowing! Girl – you and I know Jim and Jack will be the favorites at the tailgate today (after a.m. Champagne!)! It IS exciting when the SEC has the big games – but I hate the fact that we consume each other and make it easier for those teams outside the SEC. On the bright side – Our weakest link can beat MOST teams on ANY given Saturday! ROLL TIDE! 😃🐘

    1. I’m sure there’s also a lot of Anheuser-Busch and Miller flowing as well, but considering Mississippi is in the heart of the bible belt, I only mentioned the tea. LOL The Grove is a pretty area with a lot of history – I hope the people have been good sports!!! Even though our state is known for its hospitality, usually all bets are off on game day. haha! Have a great time – would give anything in the world to be able to hang out with Y’ALL! 😉

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