Happy ‘Increase your RPI’ Day

Will we ever be satisfied with how the rankings are calculated or decided upon? Doubtful.

Finally, football enthusiasts will see a football playoff system. We’ve all been complaining about the old system and pleading for a true playoff. Now we have one and the analyzing has already started.

From 1998 – 2013 college football lived and died by the BCS – Bowl Championship Series. The BCS was a combination of people who apparently are experts at deciding who is better than who and who should be in what bowl, an ‘all knowing’ computer system, polls and calculations of the team’s RPI – Rating Percentage Index. (For you ‘casual fans’ out there, the RPI is a number based on your win/loss record and the strength of your schedule). Basically that translates to this – if you choose to play junior college level teams for your out-of-conference schedule games, it can lower your RPI, but on the other hand, if you beat the junior college level team it helps your win/loss record which can increase your RPI.*

*On a side note, I would like to point out that East Mississippi Community College would stand a good chance at beating several top ranked teams. They’ve won the community college national championship twice out of the last three years and a high percentage of their players go on to Division I schools and ultimately the NFL – every year.  One of many examples is LeGarrette Blount of the Pittsburgh Steelers. But that’s another post for another day.

Back to the debate: So, I’m proclaiming today as ‘Increase your RPI Day’ in the world of college football because basically there are only two games that are true competitive match-ups. Everyone else is playing a low caliber team and will likely increase their win/loss record. No offense to the opponents, but it’s true.

Games worth watching (although I’ll still watch all the juco games): USC #14 vs. Stanford #13 and Michigan St #7 vs. Oregon #3

Everything else is merely a scrimmage game. Now, some teams (not going to mention names, but you know who you are) really don’t play anyone all season short of maybe one decent opponent because they’re in a weak conference; hence a better win/loss record.

What does all this mean?? The people who supposedly know who is better than who and who should play who will ultimately decide…. so even without the computers and polls, the ‘powers that be’ will make the selections and it will still be effected by a team’s wins, losses and who you play. The debate lives on…. until at least January.

There’s one person who is 100% convinced the playoff system is the answer. Good ‘ole Rudy.

Rudy’s Locker Room Speech for the Playoff System

Happy ‘Increase your RPI’ Day!


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