Ready for Some Football?

READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? I AM! The season is FINALLY here and so is my new sports blog…

This blog will be about REAL Sports for TRUE Fans from here forward, but to begin with I want you to know who I am, where I come from and why I’m a “Coach’s Daughter.” No powder puff or girly stuff – if you don’t follow sports (especially football), then maybe this blog isn’t for you, but if you have a passion for competition, you’re welcome to follow me.

Do I consider myself to be a lady? Sure – how else could I have done the Heisman pose in 6″ heels with football pants on?! Yes, I’m wearing real football pants, pads and all (the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever worn…  referring to the heels). What I AM COMFORTABLE with, is sports! I’ve been known to trash talk over the years about how the conferences measure up with each other or about certain rivalries, but I want this blog to be a platform that’s about all teams across the board – about the athletes – their performance – the coaches – and sporting news.

Yep, I grew up rooted in the SEC, but if there’s a game on, I’m watching it even if it’s some Division II bottom-of-the-barrel match up. Sometimes I just turn on a game for the background noise. The only tv line-up seen at my house is sports-related… ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN News, NFL Network, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, SEC Network, SUNSHINE Sports, FOX Sports, MLB Network, NBA TV, etc. etc. Some people come home each day and say “What’s for dinner? What’s the weather going to be tomorrow?” I say, “Is there a game on tonight?” Ok, so because I live in Florida, I DO check the Weather Channel during Hurricane season, but by and large, I feed my soul via SportsCenter. On Saturday mornings when many women are getting dressed to go shopping, I’m gearing up for ESPN College GameDay. I HAVE A DEEP AVERSION TO SHOPPING!

Do I have a favorite team? Of course – every real football fan does. I graduated from Mississippi State University so I bleed maroon and white and spell our beloved Bulldog mascot: ‘DAWG.’ I follow all football teams and appreciate and respect talent no matter the school. I’ll be transparent – it’s hard for me to be objective at times, but for the sake of this blog, I’m going to try really hard this fall to be more open-minded. 🙂

Ok, so… growing up I was a cheerleader, took dance, and was on the Pom Squad in college and from time to time I do put my ‘girly on’ and dress up, but that’s not truly me. I would much rather be in my flip-flops watching sports and the absolute ultimate is watching a football game in an open air setting like Schooners Last Local Beach Club directly on Panama City Beach. Best of both worlds… sitting just steps from the sugar white sand, next to the emerald-green water of the Gulf of Mexico with the surf rolling in and the smell of salt water in the air. It doesn’t get any better than that. Moving to the Sunshine State seven years ago has had its perks!

The Coach: my mother, Georgia Carol Lackey Walker, is the reason I love sports. She was the type of athlete that stayed two hours after basketball practice ended in high school just to get in extra shooting time. She did that from September through March! A few times she ran home from school for additional training… an extra three miles. She was the girl who would beat boys in a footrace and played on boy’s baseball team at age 12. After 25 years of coaching girl’s basketball (and track), she retired (the first time) then became a personal trainer and in mid-life she established herself as a top-ranked triathlete… and could still beat the boys. She even qualified for Team USA (Southeast Region) for the United States Triathlon Association (USAT). Obviously, she was (and is) a very driven competitor.

I didn’t play football (for obvious reasons) so I did the next best thing and became a football cheerleader – that should count for something!! I did play basketball, softball and ran track, but was definitely not as hard-core as my mom, from an athletic perspective. Case in point: she wasn’t happy that I wore lip gloss when I played youth softball. In my defense, it was the 1970’s – every girl wore lip gloss and sported the Farrah Fawcett hairdo, right?! Read more on my page, The Coach, about her and anecdotes from my childhood years of how she and I differed in some respects, yet the same in other ways.

ENOUGH OF THE BACKGROUND! Let’s move on to COLLEGE FOOTBALL – REAL Sports for TRUE Fans… the Labor Day Weekend line-up began last night and continues on through Monday night… let the games begin, literally.

*Photo credit: RAY WISHART

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